Dressing for Spring in Annapolis

Mar 12th 2018

Spring time is fast approaching, also known as the season for struggling to find the appropriate clothes to wear. Spring weather, just like winter in Annapolis, can be insane. One day it’s 75 degrees and sunny outside and the next day it’s 40 and raining. Finding the perfect outfit can be a real struggle during the season. What if it’s too hot, what if I’m cold, the stress is real. We all have those days when we would rather lock ourselves inside then face the frigid temperatures that linger from winter. But there comes a time when we must face our fears and go outside. If you are to face the spring chill you need your secret weapon, a great, stylish jacket. A fun jacket will serve as the ultimate weapon to defeat a chilly spring.

The perfect jacket keeps you warm, shows off your personality, and flatters your figure. Wearing a fun, lighter, jacket introduces spring colors and keeps you warm, allowing you to defeat the cold. Once warmer spring weather finally rolls around and temperatures rise to the 60s and 70s, the challenge will become finding an outfit that works with Chesapeake Bay temperatures. While 60 degrees is warm enough to ditch the jacket and enjoy the sun, it can still be chilly near the Bay. The solution, off the shoulder tops. Off the shoulder tops are both stylish and practical. Long sleeve off the shoulder tops are warming yet breathable. Bare shoulders keep you cool while the long sleeve keeps you warm. It’s the answer to all your prayers. Jackets and off the shoulder blouses come in a multitude of styles and colors, allowing you to really show off your personality and feel comfortable in everything you wear.

The personal stylists at Scout and Molly’s Annapolis will put a great look together for you. You’ll find something you simply have to have, at this Annapolis boutique, including Jackets from Sanctuary, Tracy Reece, and Wish Designs and the tops from Show Me Your MuMu and Fifteen Twenty.