Fashion Tricks To Make You Look Slimmer

Nov 15th 2017

Do you find you gain a few pounds over the holidays? There are some styling tricks you can use to help you look slimmer. Here are some simple tips you can follow so you can look thinner than your actual weight:

Stick With A One-Color Outfit

Wearing tops and bottoms of the same hue produces an uninterrupted vertical line that can make you look thinner and taller. Wearing contrasting colors between your upper and lower body can draw the eyes to the middle.

Use Simple And Unadorned Denim

Choose clean and streamlined jeans if you are on the bigger side. The most flattering are those with dark hues and unembellished pockets. The extra details may catch the eye and give the illusion of bulk so steer away from grommets, tags and decorative extras. Jeans that give the leanest silhouettes are bootcuts and straight legs.

Wear A Blazer Or Jacket

A blazer that comes to the hip can streamline your look and draw the eyes vertically. It can also work against excess curves. An open jacket can likewise produce a slimming illusion when worn over dark-washed jeans and V-neck tanks.

Use Jewelry Strategically

Bangles, sparkly cuffs and cocktail rings can take the attention away from the upper arms down to the wrists. Long necklaces likewise add length to a short neck and steer away attention from the hips.

Wear Knee-Length Pencil Skirt

Trade your mini skirt for a longer one that hugs your legs to your knee or just above. You can pair this with footwear with heels to elongate your legs. Skirts with prints can also hide the unsightly lumps.

Choose The Right Shoes

A skinny heel can slim out the body. Legs can look slim when worn with shoes that have a tapered toe with at least a 2-inch stiletto heel. Shoes with thick and chunky heels can produce an appearance of shorter bulkier legs.

Show Some V-neckline

A V-neckline can draw the eyes away from excess curves by creating a high focal point and steer away attention from the midsection. Wider necklines can visually balance broad hips and thighs so it’s a good idea to have sweaters, dresses, jackets, tees and cardigans in a V style.

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