Finding The Perfect Neckline

Jun 15th 2018

When it comes to a neckline, it can make or break an outfit. If the neckline is ill-fitting or doesn't work with your face shape, it doesn't matter how much the outfit cost. You won't look your best. Think about both your face shape and body type before making your next purchase.

The V-neck is flattering on almost everyone. Its vertical shape elongates the body and makes you appear taller. If your face is round, or if you have a wide jaw, a V-neck can elongate your face. If you have broad shoulders, keep the top of the V-neck narrow, with the top of the V hitting mid collarbone. If you choose a button down shirt, be careful not to button up too far, which can emphasize a large bust. If you're bold enough, a plunging V-neck is always an attention-getter, but if you're not, a neckline a little lower than usual is still flattering.

Another good choice for a round face, heavy jaw or broad shoulders is the square neck. The neck and collarbone can be a flattering area to emphasize. Almost every face shape and every body type can wear the square neck. Keep in mind a couple of styling rules and you'll find this neckline flattering and easy to wear.If you have broad shoulders, look for a neckline that isn't too wide across the shoulders. If you have a pear-shaped body, a square cut neck will create the illusion of wider shoulders and balance out your shape.

A turtleneck, or high neckline, can be tricky to wear. This neckline is ideal for someone with a long neck and long face shape because it creates a rounder, fuller look. If you're on the short side, a turtleneck can make you look shorter, so keep the height at least two inches below your chin. A neckline that's too high, even if you have a long neck, can make you appear as if you have no neck at all. An alternative to a solid turtleneck is a mandarin collar which has a V-shaped notch in the center.

A scoop neck is also good for almost any face type and depends largely on the width and depth of the scoop. If you have narrow shoulders, a wider scoop neck creates the illusion of wider shoulders and emphasizes the bust. If you have broad shoulders, keep the scoop narrow and a little deeper. If you have a short neck, the modest scoop neck is also a good choice for you.

Experiment with different necklines as you shop the collections at Scott and Molly's Boutique. We have tops and dresses that will complement any face shape or body type and make you look your best.