How To Wear A Monochromatic Outfit

Feb 7th 2018

Using monochromatic pieces is an easy and stylish way to achieve a classy look. A monochromatic outfit typically consists of pieces of one color but this does not mean wearing a solid blue or solid black from head to toe.

Monochromatic style is wearing different shades of the same color. Here are some tips on how you can style items in your wardrobe into sophisticated-looking monochromatic outfits.

Tints And Shades

The light tints and dark shades of a particular color are best for creating a monochromatic outfit. If you want to wear charcoal gray wool pants, pair it with a dove gray blouse and dark gray footwear. Add a little interest to your outfit by wearing some silver jewelry, which still gives a hint of gray. The best thing about going for a monochromatic style is that virtually any color from brown to pink can work.


Texture is an important element you need to consider when putting together a monochromatic look. A monochromatic outfit comprised of the same fabric throughout would come off looking dull.

Mix textures into your monochromatic outfit. Consider adding depth, visual interest and dimension to your look so you do not have to appear one-dimensional or boring. Examples of combinations you can try are leather and cotton, denim and chiffon, suede and silk, and wool and sequins.


You can also play with patterns to add visual interest and break up the solid blocks of color in your outfit. Use print pieces, such as a patterned scarf, made of the same color.


Balance is crucial when you combine fashion pieces. You would not want one color to overwhelm your look, so play with proportions. If you are wearing a billowy top, pair it with a fitted bottom. You can also pair your bulky sweater with skinny jeans and a fitted turtleneck.

Accentuate Your Assets Using The Right Shade

Play with the right shade if you want to accentuate certain parts of your body. You would want to pay attention to how light or dark each piece is. If you have wide hips and you want to de-emphasize them, avoid wearing light-colored pants or skirts. Your body type will look better with the darker shade on the bottom half and the lighter shade on top.

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