Style Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older

Feb 15th 2018

If you want people to keep guessing about your real age, start by avoiding these common style mistakes that make women look older than they are:

Wearing The Wrong Bra

The bra you wear can make you look taller, thinner and even younger. Wearing the wrong bra does not just make you feel uncomfortable. It can also affect the way your clothes fit, which can cause you to slouch instantly making you look older than your age.

Using Chunky Jewelry

Big and chunky pieces of accessories can achieve a bohemian look but these pieces also become outdated quickly. To display a younger vibe, reach for simpler cuff bracelets, tennis bracelets, thin hoop earrings or thin chain necklaces.

Being Slave To Trends

Trends come and go so if you’re always buying trendy things, chances are you will be left with an outdated closet filled with clothes and shoes that make you look behind the times. This doesn’t mean you can’t buy anything trendy though. If you’re investing in a trendy piece, ask yourself how frequently you are going to wear it before it is no longer in style.

Dressing In All Black

Black is a slimming and sophisticated color but it is not associated with youth. Having a wardrobe filled with black pieces of clothes and shoes can make you look like you are always in mourning. If you can’t get go of black, at least try to add a pop of color to your outfit using jewelry and accessories. If you like to try new colors, vibrant hues such as pinks or corals can give you a fresher and more youthful appearance.

Wearing Low Heels Or Flat Shoes

Fashion experts think that wearing casual shoes can make you look old regardless of what you wear. Consider swapping out your flats or low heels for a pointy-toed pump to look more sophisticated. If you’re not comfortable wearing heels, opt for pointy-toed or ballet flats. Always wear cleaned and polished shoes for a pulled together look.

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