The Biggest Fashion Trends In 2018

Dec 19th 2017

Fashion lovers always look a season ahead for the next “It” item. Based on what’s popular on the streets and the runways, there’s already a good indication of what we can expect to trend in the fashion scene next year.

The following are the ten styles that fashionable women should know for the coming year. This list will help you prepare your wardrobe shopping list. Here are the styles predicted to make a big splash in 2018:

Check Print

The print that appears to dominate the fashion scene is checks. The design is most frequently found on blazers and trousers but the detail now appears in suit sets, breezy skirts and asymmetrical tops.

Floral Print

Another upcoming trendy print is floral. Floral prints feel fresh for 2018 with designers drawing inspiration from the 1960’s designs characterized by large buds and dramatic colors. You can try mixing this print with check for something unexpected.


Full-on fringe looks have been spotted on dresses and coats. Even accessories get embellished with this finish.

Buckle Shoes

Retro style buckle shoes appear to be making a big comeback. The detail is powerful enough to make a statement but versatile enough to be incorporated into your wardrobe.

Lavender Color

The soft shades of lilac and lavender surfaced in Spring ‘18 shows and it’s a welcome change from the millennial pink. The hue fortunately looks great on virtually any item so expect to see a range of accessories and fashion items in this royal color.

Utility Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits and rompers are making a comeback with inspiration from the classic flight suit. Trending jumpsuits come in boxy and boyish styles with slouchy quality.

Big Jewelry

Oversize earrings and layered necklaces of the 1980’s are a thing again. Skip your more delicate pieces for bolder options since 2018 could be the year you indulge yourself in statement jewelry.


A range of items from boots to coats are getting the clear treatment. For those hesitant to try this trend, you can give it a try with a heel or a bag.

Sparkles For Daytime

Glitter and sequins are traditionally worn for nighttime events but they now appear fine for use in daytime.

Fisherman Bags

Fisherman totes appears to be the next “It” bag. The netting material has been transformed into a stylish bag that can carry your essentials.

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