Ways To Colorblock Your Outfit

Jan 29th 2018

The neutral colors that tend to dominate winter outfits can make you look drab but adding more colors into your cold-weather wear can make you look livelier. One way of injecting colors into your outfit is through colorblocking, a chic way to coordinate the colors of an outfit. Colorblocking involves statement pieces and bold colors to create a simple but elegant stylish look. Here’s how you can colorblock your outfit:

Begin With A Few Colors

If you have never tried to colorblock an outfit before, it is best to start off with two colors, a bright and a neutral hue. Use neutral colors, which include gray, white, taupe and black, to create a palette. They work best when paired with bold and bright colors such as fuchsia, cobalt blue, kelly green, orange or purple. Neons would be the “highlighter” version of a color. You may also opt to use jewel tones, which include the deeper and richer colors of maroon and eggplant purple.

Once comfortable with two colors, you can now take colorblocking to a higher level by adding one or two more colors to your palette. Choose a shade that is a different hue of a color that you already use. If you are wearing fuchsia, for instance, bring in a shade of pink or purple. Bright blue matches well with baby or navy blue.

If you are daring enough, you can choose a completely different color for your next shade. Make use of the color wheel by choosing colors that are on the opposite side of the wheel.

Use Accessories

Accessories are a must to colorblock an outfit. They can bring your entire look together. Choose accessories with colors that are already in your palette or a new color that coordinates with the colors you have already chosen. Bolder accessories such as bangles, waist belts and cuffs, are better. Avoid embellished and detailed accessories since colorblocking is about stylish simplicity.

Avoid Prints

Colorblocking involves blocks of colors so prints are a no-no for this styling method. Go for accessories, shoes and clothing in solid colors.

Wear Separates

A skirt and a shirt is better than a dress because they give you a chance to colorblock with ease. If you want to wear a dress, top it off with a cardigan or blazer.

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